Watch: Colion Noir and the FN FAL


Watch: Colion Noir and the FN FAL

This is an older video, but one of my favorites about the FN/FAL. The FAL is a little known rifle to American shooters. It dates back to the 1950s when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was looking to adopt a standardized rifle. This was long before the M 16 and the 5.56mm round were developed.

While NATO adopted the FN FAL, the United Stats adopted the M 14, we just have to be different. The FAL has been used by over 90 nations in dozens of conflicts all over the world. Since production started in 1953, over 2 million have been built.

The FN FAL works off a short stroke gas piston. On the topic of gas systems, I heard something awhile back that makes sense.

Why is the AK more reliable than the AR?

Because the AK does not crap where it eats.

Rifles that use the piston system, such as the AK and FN FAL, do not have the crud build up around the bolt like what the AR does. This makes piston rifles inherently more reliable than direct impingement.

My personal FN FAL was made by DS Arms and is a pleasure to shoot. The weight of the rifle along with the gas system helps keep recoil in check.

Magazines can be a little expensive, but oh well.

DS Arms offers a wide range of FN FAL rifles and aftermarket parts. Prices can be a little expensive, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

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