Gear Review: GoPro Hero 5 Session (cube camera) – Film in 4K


Gear Review: GoPro Hero 5 Session (cube camera) – Film in 4K

After a few years of using a Midland HD camera hat films in 1080 and works perfect, I thought I would jump on the GoPro train and see what it’s all about. So I went to my local Target store and they happen to have a 3 left, so I bought one. It was $299.99. It does not have the LCD screen in the back like the regular GoPro. The regular type GoPro Hero 5 Black was $399.99 .


I went with the Session model for the simple reason of size, since both cameras film in 4k ultra HD. This weighs less than the Midland model and less than the regular GoPro. I will tell you this, go online and read the directions. It does multiple things, but again there is no LCD screen on the back to check. There is just a little screen on top of the unit that gives you some info, but that’s it.

So far every time I have taken it to film, it has been a cloudy and or rainy day. So the video I am going to show on here is filmed on an overcast day but the clarity it super! Now I have to read everything I can on this GoPro Hero Session camera.

So even though it has some downfalls like the small screen and lack of printed directions, you can go to their website and read up, plus they have a few programs you can download that are their programs for production and splicing. I would recommend this camera if you are in the market. Its super film quality, small size, and light weight really helps on the hat bill or mounted on the headset.

It’s easy to download. You just have to buy a micro card to use with the camera. I bought and use a 32gig card. You DO need to buy the card separate. There is also a bunch of accessories you can buy for it for different ways to mount the camera on you or on whatever you want to film. It also has a voice control option (which I need to learn how to use). This really is worth the asking price.

I accidentally recorded the video below upside down and had to flip it in post-production. I am still learning the GoPro programs, but they look promising! I was the last shooter of the day and thought I had recorded all stages, but got just this one. I guess I shut it off when I didn’t look and just pressed the button. Plus I didn’t have it set on 4K, only 1080 HD on this video

You can check out the GoPro website to see the unit’s features. It really is a great camera at a great price. Again, it has a few little issues but makes up for those with everything it can do. So now I will have a total of 4 cameras to do videos with. I promise some of them will be posted in some of my articles!

So if you are looking for a video camera, check the new GoPro Hero 5 Session Black, I promise you will be surprised at what it can do and how good it does it! I just need to read up on everything it can do.

So stay safe and hope to see you out there!

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