SIG’s M400 Elite Ups the Ante


SIG’s M400 Elite Ups the Ante

There are AR rifles and then there are AR rifles. At last check the number of manufacturers of AR-15 type platform rifles numbered over 300. That is a lot of companies trying to gain a market share of sales that quite frankly have cooled off since the 2016 election. So, will another new AR rifle survive? It will if it is a SIG M400 Elite.

If you know anything about guns at all, then you know the SIG Sauer name. You also know its excellent reputation for manufacturing some of the finest firearms made in the world today. In this case the M400 Elite was designed to be lightweight, an extremely accurate 5.56 rifle, and made from the finest AR components available for a direct impingement AR-15. But then, it is a SIG.

When you get the chance to pick up and handle a SIG M400, do this test. Hold it in both hands like you are preparing to shoulder it. Then shake it like a martini, dry, one olive, and a lemon twist. The thing is you won’t hear anything. This rifle is solid. Check out the creases where the upper and lower fits together. It’s tight, precision machined to high tolerances.

The M400’s prime features include a free floated handguard. This handguard comes equipped with the M-LOK accessory mounting slots for adding any type of accessory item the user might want. The trigger on this rifle is a SIG Enhanced Trigger designed to produce exceptional accuracy out of the standard 16-inch nitride barrel. The gas system equips the barrel with a SIG Micro-Light Gas Block.

The telescoping stock has 6-positions available for the shooter to adjust the overall length of the rifle and the length of pull. This makes the M400 a flexible fit to the shooter, but then it can be quickly changed to adjust to other shooting conditions or situations. The stock also comes with integral QD points as well. The upper comes fashioned with a full length Picatinny rail for optics mounting and/or adding BUIS open sights. The grip is a special designed SIG pistol grip. A 30-round polymer factory magazine is supplied.

An optional feature available is the SIG Romeo5 red dot sight. This in-house manufactured sight features the MOTAC or Motion Activated Illumination feature. The Romeo sight has a 40,000 hour battery life. The M400 Elite definitely is.

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