Preppers: Stockpile Lures for Perch


Preppers: Stockpile Lures for Perch

There is a small pond a few miles from my house that I hike to from time-to-time. On a recent trip, I decided to bring my Zebco Dock Demon fishing pole and some fishing gear. Rather than buying worms at the local country store, I was going to find grubs and worms around the fishing hole, or so I thought.

Upon arriving at the pond I proceeded to look for bait. Rotten logs were broken apart, dirt was dug through with my pocket knife, and all I found were small snails, spiders, and a bunch of mosquitoes.

I started wondering, “Why I was spending so much time looking for bait when I should be fishing?” If I had some perch lures I would be fishing.

Perch Lures

Awhile back I posted an article about stockpiling fishing gear. A lot of my fishing is with noodles, artificial worms for bass and from time-to-time trotlines. When I plan on perch fishing, I usually go by the corner store and get a box of worms.

While looking for bait, I realized there is a hole in my prepping plans, and that is artificial lures for perch fishing. Small ponds like the one I was at can be a great resource, but you have to have the gear to catch the fish.

Minnow traps could be set out the night before, but that would require two trips to the fishing hole. Traps would have to be checked almost daily, and the pond is several miles from my house.

Rather than fishing with rod and reel, I could use perch traps. However, relying on traps does not leave me with a backup plan. If nothing is in the trap, then I have nothing to bring home.

By having some simple perch lures, this allows me to go fishing when there has been a problem finding bait.

Final Thoughts

I am going to dedicate some time and money to various perch lures. Once I have redone my perch box, I am going to hike back to the pond and see how things work.

Personally, I feel planning is not sufficient. Preppers should test their gear in real world applications to see how everything works.

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