Fishing, Hunting Worth More to South Dakota than Wheat Crop


Fishing, Hunting Worth More to South Dakota than Wheat Crop

According to a recent study, direct spending on hunting and fishing in South Dakota between October 2015 and October 2016 was more than $954 million. By comparison, the total value of South Dakota’s famed wheat crop as estimated by the USDA was about $440 million.

That’s more than double the food grain total.

Fishing accounted for a little more than $271 million in direct spending in the state, while South Dakota hunters spent nearly $683.

The two main spending categories for both hunting and fishing were trip and equipment spending.

Anglers spent more than $134.3 million on trip expenses in South Dakota, the study found. Resident spending on fishing equipment came to $127.4 million. Nonresident spending on fishing equipment was $9.5 million.

Resident South Dakota hunters’ spending topped $372 million. Nonresident hunters spent a total of $310.7 million.

Pheasants drew the largest amount of hunting spending, with nonresidents spending $172.2 million on ringneck hunting, while residents spent a little more than $112 million.

Deer hunting drew the second highest amount of hunter spending, garnering $160.3 million. Residents spent $112.4 million. Nonresidents spent $47.8 million on deer hunting.

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