Bystander Shot by Firearms Instructor


Bystander Shot by Firearms Instructor

A stark reminder to always follow basic gun safety rules. While giving a demonstration, a firearms instructor raised his handgun, pointed it towards a door, and pulled the trigger. The bullet passed through the door and hit someone on the other side.

By following a couple of simple rules this could have been avoided:

Treat every gun as if it loaded.

Be sure of the target and what is beyond it.

Firearms instructor accidentally shoots person at Livonia range.

It is just carelessness,” said Rick Ector, firearms expert.

A local firearms instructor has become an object lesson of what not to do with a gun after accidentally shooting the man. It happened at the Firearm Exchange gun range in Livonia Saturday afternoon.

Police say the instructor from Lifechoice LLC was teaching a CPL class when he unholstered his gun during a demonstration, pointed it at the door and pulled the trigger.

He was unaware that his gun was loaded.

“It’s one of those errors that when it happens, things can go bad, can go south very quickly,” said Ector.

As with everything else, the main two groups of people who have accidents are: the inexperienced and people who have decades of experience.

The inexperienced do not know any better.

The experienced become relaxed and sometimes take reckless shortcuts.

This is not just with firearms, but with any tool. Sometimes carpenters will use saws in an unsafe manner, “It is okay, I have been doing this for a long time.” That reckless behavior is when people get hurt.

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