Gun Cleaning: Are you Old School or Not?


Gun Cleaning: Are you Old School or Not?

I was at a match this past weekend, the American Steel Plate match, and I was score keeper as a volunteer. I took my Glock steel plate gun just in case I wanted to get in the match at the end or just shoot some after. If you work the match you get to do both or one or the other. I was talking to one of the shooters and he said he only brought one gun because he didn’t feel like cleaning more than one after the shoot later at home. He then stated that he HATED cleaning guns, but yet he shoots these matches each weekend.

I started to think and told him, that’s strange because to me, it’s all part of the entire process. Kind of like a “full circle” type of thinking. He asked me what I meant, I said in my mind, shooting the guns, cleaning the guns, reloading the ammo, testing the ammo for the right load and then cleaning the guns again is all part of the enjoyment. I find it relaxing to strip the guns and clean them, grease and oil them, put them back together, and then reload.

Over the years I have used many different cleaning products, and some worked great and some not so much. The not so good cleaners will make it not so enjoyable to clean the guns. That I can promise you. I have tried everything that has been out on the market and all of the new and improved stuff, everything you can think of. Some worked, some worked better, and some not so much.

Now some of the best stuff I have been using for about a year and love it, is the products from Lucas Extreme Gun products. I looked at it this way, Lucas Oil HAS been making oils for years in race cars etc that take a punishment and higher heat them most pistols will ever get to in a match. In my mind that made sense, so I got some to try and have been hooked ever since. No bad smells like you get from some of the other popular brands, some that work and some that don’t.



But they branched out and now make Extreme Gun Oil, CLP, Grease, Metal Polish, Bore Cleaner, even aerosol cans of CLP and Contact Cleaner. The contact cleaner does a great job of removing powder and GSR, oil grease. It is also safe for ANY polymer guns and leaves NO residue after it dries! And I have to say the grease and oil are two of the best products I have EVER used on guns in over 40 years of shooting!


I know we All have our own way of cleaning our guns and some are stuck in, “This ”fill in the blank product” has worked for me for 30 years I don’t need anything new.” And that’s fine for you. But some of these newer products are actually better for your gun. They will get into the metal and protect it even better. I am not here telling you that YOU need this, but I will ask that you open up just a little bit and give Lucas Extreme Gun products a try. You may be surprised of just how much better your gun cleans up and performs after using Lucas products.

Check them out here:

Come on now, it won’t kill you to at least give it try. Who knows? You may find out Lucas is your newest favorite product for the next 20 to 30 years!

Stay safe, hope to see you out there!



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