Watch: Shattuck “Unique” Hideout Squeeze Pistol


Watch: Shattuck “Unique” Hideout Squeeze Pistol

In an unintentional (?) pun, Ian notes that “there were a handful of guns of this general style.” Why is it a pun? Because you have to hold this popper almost entirely within your hand and squeeze the little fella to fire it.

This model, made by C.S. Shattuck and dubbed the “Unique,” was made from about 1907-1915, which was during a time when small pistols were beginning to trend towards semi-automatic, thanks to John Browning. Available chamberings were all rimfire: 22, 30, and 32.

As you may notice in the photo above, the manufacturer’s name is misspelled on these pistols Oops!

C.S. Shattuck’s ‘Unique’ squeeze pistol is one of the last of this sort of sightless, underpowered hideout guns. Its core patent was actually filed by Oscar Mossberg, who worked for Shattuck before setting up his own company, which you are much more likely to have heard about today! Mossberg would refine the concept after World War 1 into the Mossberg Brownie, but that is a topic for another day.

This odd little handgun sold for $1035.

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