Crime Goes Down After Common Sense Approach


Crime Goes Down After Common Sense Approach

Washington D.C. took a common sense approach with drug dealers who are caught with firearms. Guess what? Crime is down 25 percent as compared to last year.

Who would have ever thought that if you take guns away from bad guys, then lock the criminals up, that violent crime would go down? Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?

Maybe sometime soon, places like Washington D.C. will stop punishing law abiding gun owners and go after the real criminals?

New drug strategy targeting dealers and illegal guns leads to drop in crime

WASHINGTON — Violent crime in D.C. is down 25 percent compared to last year, and the District’s new police chief attributes the drop to the growing number of illegal guns that officers are taking off the streets.

Standing in front of dozens of guns packaged in evidence bags, Lt. Andy Struhar touted his narcotics enforcement officers’ focus on removing guns from the hands of drug dealers for the uptick in illegal firearms recovered in D.C.

“This year alone, we’ve already recovered at least 50 guns as part of our operations,” Stuhar said at a D.C. police event held with Mayor Muriel Bowser on Wednesday.

We have social anthropologists, think tanks, studies, and decades of experience on how illegal drugs are related to crime, and when Washington D.C. tries a “new” strategy crime goes down?

There is nothing “new” in how Washington D.C. is dealing with criminals. What is new however, is targeting criminals rather than law abiding gun owners. Washington D.C. had some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. It took the Supreme Court decision of District of Columbia vs, Heller for the laws to change.

Rather than dealing with the root cause of gun crime, bureaucrats in D.C. wasted taxpayer money on a case that they lost in the end. When places like D.C. run out of options to punish law abiding gun owners, the only real solution is to go after criminals.

After D.C. decided to use a “new” strategy of targeting drug dealers crime went down? The idiocy of the anti-gun establishment has no limits.

If targeting drug dealers is the new strategy, what was the one old? I think we all know the answer to that one.

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