Watch: Fire the M1 Garand Like a Bolt Action


Watch: Fire the M1 Garand Like a Bolt Action

This video is a bit on the dry side, but it has some good info. From how to avoid the old “M1 thumb” malady to loading it one at a time to loading it with fewer than a full clip’s worth of ammo, it shows the operation pretty well.

My favorite part is about removing the gas plug so you can fire and cycle the gun one at a time without worrying about your brass getting flung all over the place.

To address potential safety questions, I will add a quote from the guy who made the video:

I used an A-ZOOM snap cap to show loading of a single round. When I show the other ways, I used 30-06 rounds WITHOUT powder or primer (I’m a reloader). Sorry not to point that out in the video.

What we have here is four minutes of education and entertainment involving one of the world’s most legendary military rifles, chambered for a round that’s still incredibly popular today.

Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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