Watch: Hickok45 on Mag Springs


Watch: Hickok45 on Mag Springs

Hickok45 is a bit of a jokester, as you will learn when you watch the video below, in which he is shown “carving” a wooden pistol using an improbably huge knife.

The subject of the short video is magazine spring wear. Specifically, will it harm or weaken a magazine spring if you keep a magazine loaded?

This is a popular bit of shooting folklore, which he addresses in short order. And his answer didn’t surprise me. How about you?

[Spoiler alert] It’s perfectly fine to keep your mags loaded, which makes sense. And when it comes time to use a gun in a hurry, you definitely don’t want your magazines to be empty!

Check out the video and let us know what you think (it’s only about one minute long).

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