Watch: Young Deer Tries to Eat Hunter’s Ghillie Suit


Watch: Young Deer Tries to Eat Hunter’s Ghillie Suit

This is pretty stunning. It’s video of a buttonhead deer approaching a turkey hunter, who pets it and scratches it, and even talks to it while it simply sniffs, licks, and begs for more.

Sadly, the hunter had his phone turned the wrong way for shooting video. Doh!

The young buck licks the hunter’s decoy just before we hear the first turkey gobble ring out. My first thought was, “Forget the deer. Shoot that turkey!”

My second thought was, “Hmmm, the turkey is probably about as tame as that deer, and just as challenging to kill.”

There are plenty of other turkey calls in the background, too.

After a while, another deer joins them but doesn’t come as close. It too is clearly used to being around people and probably knows this hunter well.

The little guy that keeps getting in the hunter’s face even tries to eat some of his ghillie suit! Something tells me this hunter didn’t need to wear 3D camo when hunting there.

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