Ghost Guns Are Not a Threat


Ghost Guns Are Not a Threat

The anti-gun establishment loves to plant fear in the uneducated masses. An example of this is how the term “ghost gun” will pop up in the media from time-to-time. They talk about how ghost guns can be made at home and are untraceable.

What the anti-gun media does not tell people, it was not until 1968 that gun companies were forced to put serial numbers on firearms.

All over the nation locked away in closets and gun safes are an untold number of firearms that were made before 1968 and have no serial number. Before 1968, numerous gun companies took it upon themselves to put serial numbers on their firearms. However, a good number of companies took no such action.

Simply put, “ghost guns” are nothing new.

Ghost Guns

In my possession is a single shot Harrington and Richardson 16 gauge shotgun. When my great-grandmother received it as a gift from her parents, she carved her name a date into the stock – February 1935.The shotgun does not have a serial number, so it is a “ghost gun.” That is just one example. There is no way for us to know how many ghost guns have been passed from one generation to the other.

Someone may say, “Kevin, the media is worried about an AR-15 ghost gun.”

Let’s use this example from CBS Austin,

“Ghost Guns” are starting to show up at crime scenes in Texas. One Austin man is in the middle of this controversy and he says we may start seeing even more of these guns in circulation.

He doesn’t condone illegal gun activity, but Cody Wilson will not shy away from the contentious debate around guns and gun control.

The article provides no proof to back up the statement that “Ghost Guns” are starting to show up at crime scenes in Texas.”

I did a Google search for “ghost gun found at crime scene”, and was not able to find a single reference to a ghost gun being found at a crime scene. So, what “exactly” was CBS Austin referring to?

The only example I could find of a ghost gun being used in a crime was from AmmoLand – Ghost Gun Used in Murder Suicide.  Maybe this was the crime CBS Austin was referring to?  Couldn’t be, because the murder-suicide was in California and the title of the article specifically says Texas.

Time And Effort

The honest truth is, if a criminal wants a gun, they are going to steal it. One example is how 100 guns were stolen from a pawn shop in Barboursville West Virginia.

Making a “ghost gun” from scratch takes time, effort and knowledge. Let’s face the truth, if criminals were willing to dedicate time, effort and knowledge to something, they would not be criminals.

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