Long Term Survival – What Does it Mean?


Long Term Survival – What Does it Mean?

It has been postulated by survival experts that the longer you survive, the better your chances to continue surviving.

What is your opinion of that statement? In some ways it makes sense, but in other ways it would only seem tougher to survive as time goes on. This may all depend on planning, supply, execution, determination and maybe even some luck.

Whether securely “bugged in” at your home or at an alternative bug out location, long term survival becomes a matter of one’s own personal assessment. Long-term is a relative thing. We all hope that if the threatening event is a natural disaster, recovery efforts will stabilize things quickly.

During Katrina, my house was without power in the heat of August for a week. Others of course, lost everything and I mean everything. Their bug-out was a hotel for a while, then maybe a FEMA trailer. We had food and water was still flowing, so all things considered we had it pretty good. But honestly, we were more than ready for the A/C to finally come back on.

If your home is not destroyed or damaged beyond use, then a bug-in could be implemented for some time. How long? Who really knows? If you were ahead of the 8 ball and were well supplied up with enough gear and supplies to last, then “survival” of a month might be realistic before dissatisfaction or depression sets in, somebody else raids your hideout and takes everything, or worse.

Going to the woods as a bugout could get really dicey without enough supplies. When food supplies grow short and must be supplemented by fishing or hunting, the daily work routine will be arduous at best. Every moment must be spent working at survival. Obtaining food, water, cooking fuels, staying warm or cool, providing constant vigilance and security wears on even the best-trained individuals or teams.

But maybe there is a hump or artificial break point that, when passed, allows a survivalist to sort of hits his groove and things smooth out. That may be what they mean when they say the longer you last, the better your chances get. That does not mean it gets any easier, just achievable. By then, let’s hope and pray the threat or event passes, and sanity is restored.

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