Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter and AR Pistols


Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter and AR Pistols

Over the years I have changed my opinion on AR15 pistols. At one time I believed these little AR15s were useless fun-time range toys, but then I started shooting some high-end AR15 pistols and was swayed. The Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter transforms that short little AR15 pistol into something even shorter that can easily be slipped into most backpacks.


The Law Tactical AR15 Folding Stock Adapter effectively allows that pesky buffer tube to be folded out of the way when not in use. Although I have yet to install one on a rifle, the Folding Stock Adapter can be used on any AR15 or AR10 rifle OR pistol to reduce overall transport length.


Short Does Not Mean Inaccurate

A short AR15 barrel is structurally stiffer than a 16” or 18” barrel and thus can actually be more accurate in theory. I now believe the AR15 pistol can be one of the best and lightest firearm tools for personal defense, hunting, sporting, and survival.


Accuracy Can be Amazing With Magnification

Testing both a Barnes Precision Machine SBR and one of my custom AR15 pistol builds, I was able to achieve regular sub-MOA 100-yard groups with magnified optics. So the accuracy potential is there. Even with a just a red-dot sight, an AR15 with FMJ rounds is a workable solution for taking small game in a survival situation and for mid-sized game you could use ballistic tipped or hollow point defensive rounds.


Consider a prismatic 1X optic from Burris or Vortex which can substantially upgrade waning and aging vision. Low power 1x-4x magnification optics are also excellent options for AR15 pistols. Magnified optics can be easily used via cheek welds on the buffer tube. Allegedly AR15 pistols without “stabilizing braces” can be shouldered and have little recoil, but this concept of shouldering an AR15 pistol is still up for debate. The cheek weld is a workable solution for shooting with magnified optics.

If You Have a CCW License You Are Probably Cool to Pack One

Obviously you should check to assure your local area does not have additional stipulations, but an AR15 pistol is classified, well, a “pistol.” If you have a CCW license, it should therefore be legal to stuff a loaded AR15 pistol into a backpack and have it on your person or in your car.  In many localities it is not okay to have a loaded rifle in your vehicle, but it is generally legal to have a loaded pistol (any pistol, even an AR15 pistol) in your vehicle if you have a CCW license.

When bad stuff happens, it happens fast and the ability to respond is critical. A AR15 pistol in a backpack can deploy in less than a second. Notably backpacks can also hold body armor plates which could come in handy.


A Lot Of Firepower and Accuracy *Right Now*

Although the vast majority of deadly encounters happen closer than 7 yards, there are plenty of situations where an AR15 pistol with the ability to deliver head-shot accuracy out to 300 yards could be the difference between life and death. Can you imagine being stranded with just your trusty Glock for small game hunting for survival or to defend yourself in an active terrorist attack situation? My bet is that at that moment you would want an AR15 pistol to accurately take those shots or to protect yourself while getting to safety.

They Are Easy to Shoot and Great For Home Defense

The recoil impulse of the 223/5.56 round is far less in an AR15 pistol than the felt recoil of a 9mm in your average handgun. Almost everyone finds that they are fun, fast, and easy to shoot quickly and accurately. Knowing that, would you rather have a handgun or an AR15 pistol with 30 or 40 rounds of ammo on tap if faced a home invasion situation?  The overall compact size makes an AR15 pistol the perfect tool for home defense and makes a formidable weapon.


Concealable Firepower

In most cases a typical AR15 pistol will be less than 26” in length. With a LAW Tactical Folding stock adapter, the folded length can get under 18”. With a DOLOS Quick Detachable Barrel adapter, the barrel can be pulled to make an AR15 pistol package that can be under 9” but can still be brought into action in 3 to 5 seconds. With the variety of ammo, calibers, and magazines available for the AR15 format, one of these tucked into a messenger bag or backpack can equalize many bad situations.


Even a larger 10”-12” barreled AR15 pistol can fit into a standard day backpack by just removing the upper. With a magazine in the lower, the upper can be remounted to the lower and brought into action in just a few seconds to provide accurate firepower.

Just Try it

A buddy of mine said “Just try it once and you will be hooked.” He was correct. Even my often-skeptical wife fell in love with the custom AR15 pistol I made for her. After only one magazine she was sold on the idea that it was great for home defense and far less unwieldy than a rifle.

The Ultimate Trunk Gun

Whether most of the “gun folks” will admit it, at one time or another most of us have thought that it would be a good idea to have a trunk gun AR15. A 10” barrel AR15 pistol offers nearly everything needed for 90% of foreseeable situations. With the idea that you are just attempting to survive long enough to get home, a 10” barreled AR15 pistol drastically reduces the deafening crack of shorter barreled AR15 pistols to a tolerable level.

Outdoors, all that are needed are ear plugs for comfortable shooting. The 10” barrel delivers a lot of accuracy, preserves much of the energy of the 223/5.56 round, and still provides a size which is easily stowable inside a standard backpack. I have several 10” AR15 pistols set up as kits based on pedestrian-looking backpacks.

Within this pack is a 10” AR15 pistol, three coupled magazines, and more than 200 rounds of ammo. The coupled magazines are loaded in tandem with Fiocchi 50gr AMAX ballistic tip hollow points and the second magazine has standard green tips which can handle hard targets or dropping small game without significant damage to meat.


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