Watch: Curious Buck Approaches Hunter, Gets Head Scratched


Watch: Curious Buck Approaches Hunter, Gets Head Scratched

I’ve always been told that whitetail deer are curious critters, and this video shows that clearly. A hunter had just put up a tree stand, took a look around before climbing up to hunt it, and spotted this young buck. After a few minutes it was clear the deer wasn’t in a hurry to leave, so he hunkered down to wait.

I had just finished hanging a new stand in an area that I frequently saw deer traveling and feeding. After everything was setup I got ready to climb up but figured I’d turn around and look, and this buck was 70 yards away. I just sat at the base of my tree and waited, but before he left the most unreal thing I’ve ever experienced while hunting happened. Glad I took the time to take this video, a little long but worth the watch.

Around 1:32 is where it gets really interesting. The buck most certainly sees the guy, and comes right towards him.

One minute later, the deer is so close that the hunter may have become concerned about its sharp antlers. So the guy stood up when the deer was just a few feet away!

Of course, the deer spooked and ran — but not very far.

Then the guy started talking to the deer, saying “Come here” and clicking his tongue. The buck hesitated, but before long they got together and he gave the deer a good scratching on top of the head.

I’m not sure I believe this whitetail was truly wild, but either way it makes a pretty good video. What do you think? Wild or not?

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