Watch: Lee Armory AK-74 After 5000rds


Watch: Lee Armory AK-74 After 5000rds

The guys at Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74 took the Lee Armory AK-74 for a test drive. After 5,000 rounds the rifle is performing perfectly.

From the Lee Armory website:

  • Excellent Condition Bulgarian parts Kit
  • Childer’s Receiver
  • Chrome Lined Barrel
  • Wood Refinished
  • Professional Aerospace Polished Hammer
  • TAPCO Single Hook Trigger
  • Red Star Arms Retaining Plate
  • AK-Builder Side Scope Mount
  • RS Regulate Mount Compatible
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty!

On a personal note, I believe sometimes you get what you pay for. While the Lee Armory AK-74 cost several hundred dollars more than a WASR-10, the overall quality appears to be outstanding.  So, maybe it is worth the extra cost?

Then again, how many everyday shooters are going to put 5,000 rounds through their AK rifle? For the most part, most AK owners are only going to shoot their rifles a few times a year.

For someone who has the extra money, or wants a top tier AK, the Lee Armory AK-74 appears to be an excellent rifle.

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