Watch: Speedloaders VS Handloading


Watch: Speedloaders VS Handloading

There is a certain level of satisfaction when loading AR-15 magazines by hand. However, I would rather spend less time loading and more time shooting.

How much time do speed loaders actually save? Some people say loading by hand is just as fast as speed loaders. Other people wonder if speed loaders are worth the cost to save just a few seconds.

sootch00 test three different loading devices and put them side-by-side in a single video.

  • Maglula
  • Red Rock Signworks
  • Magpump

Now for the video.

  • Maglula – 32 seconds
  • Red Rock Signworks – 35 seconds
  • Magpump – 50 seconds
  • Handloading – 51.3 seconds

Let’s round the handloading down to 51 seconds.

51 – 32 = 19 second difference between the Maglula and handloading.

19 seconds divided by 30 rounds is 0.63 seconds per round difference.

Now let’s say we have a 500 round box of 223 Remington we are going to shoot at the range.

500 rounds multiplied by 0.63 is 316.6 seconds saved using the Maglula.

316.6 divided by 60 seconds in a minute = 5.27 minutes saved.

I hope the math is right. If not, someone please correct me.

That five minutes will start adding up. After six trips to the range, you will have saved over 30 minutes loading time.

What do you think? Are speedloaders worth the money to save a few seconds on loading time?

Thank you sootch00 for the wonderful video.

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