Preppers and Having the Best Gear


Preppers and Having the Best Gear

We all know that special someone who believes that only “the best of the best” will do. They brag about having the “best” AR-15, or the “best” pocket knife or the “best” optic. Unless you agree with them and only buy what they approve, then you are buying junk. For some people there is no middle ground.

Personally, I feel there is no need to buy only the best, because “the best” is a subjective term.

What brought up this topic?

Soldier Systems has an article titled – During the US Small Arms Renaissance, “Best” Is The Enemy Of “Better”

Instead of seeking the ever elusive “Best”, we need to start accepting the notion of “Better” as in “Better than what we have now.”

Awhile back, hickok45 took a Hi-Point C-9 pistol out to the shooting range. In the video he said something along the lines of, “Some people have only a couple of hundred dollars to spend on a handgun.”

Requiring someone to buy the best of something is in direct opposition to what they can afford.

If someone can afford to purchase a Hi-point, that is better than what they have, which is nothing.  Then save your money and trade the Hi-point in on something better. The next purchase does not have to be the best handgun on the market, it just needs to be better than a Hi-point.

My personal opinion, when someone shows interest in prepping or the shooting sports, telling them to buy a high end firearm has a negative return. The person has to balance the cost of the gear to their house note, car note, insurance, child care, cell phone bill, and everything else that goes along with everyday life.

In all honesty, how can someone justify buying “the best” if they are only going to use it a few times a year?

If someone was earning a living from their gear, then yea, buy some good stuff.

If your life depends on your gear, then buy the best of what you can afford.

The honest truth for most people, the best is out of financial reach. We simply can not afford to spend $500 on an optic. We have more important issues, such as our children needing school clothes and the car note is due.

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