Review: ThruNite Neutron 2C Flashlight


Review: ThruNite Neutron 2C Flashlight

The ThruNite Neutron 2C is the answer to an age old question: What brightness settings should a flashlight have? The vast majority of flashlights have preset brightness settings. Whoever designed the flashlight tried to figure out how bright it needs to be. The ThruNite Neutron 2C throws all those preconceived notions out the door and sets a new standard.

What makes the ThruNite Neutron 2C so different? The brightness is adjustable.

There are two preset brightness settings:

Firefly, 0.5 lumens and has an estimated run time of 49 days.

Turbo, 1100 lumens and has an estimated run time of 2.2 hours.

The third brightness setting is fully adjustable from 12 – 650 lumens.

The Neutron 2C is rechargeable with a built in micro-USB port. A rubber cap covers the port to keep dirt and moisture out.


From the Thrunite Neutron 2C web page:

  • LED: XP-L V6 with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
  • Working Voltage: 2.7 – 9.0 V.
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 14399cd (max).
  • Max beam distance: 240m (max).
  • Impact resistant: 1 meter.
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2meters).
  • Weight: 2.95 ounces without battery, 4.55 ounces with battery.
  • Accessories:
    Holster x1
    Spare O-rings x2
    Lanyard x1
    Pocket Clip x1
    18650 3400mAh Battery x1
    USB Charging Cord x1

The holster is nylon with a belt loop and d-ring. The belt loop measures right at three inches long and one inch wide.

ThruNite Neutron 2C review
ThruNite Neutron 2C USB port covered with rubber protector.


The Neutron 2C is unique in that it has a three piece body

With all three pieces together, the flashlight is 4 15/16 inches long.

With the middle section removed, the flashlight is 3 11/16 inches long.

The C2 can use several different battery types.

Compatible with:

  • 18650 x 1
  • 18350 x 1
  • CR123A x 2
  • 16340 x 1
  • 16340 x 2


Push the on/off button to turn the flashlight on. Then hold the button down to increase or decrease the brightness. Release and hold the button down to decrease/increase the brightness in the opposite direction.

Turn the flashlight on and then holding the on/off button down will result in the flashlight cycling through low – high – strobe – high – low- high – strobe – high – low, etc.  When you see a brightness setting you like, release the on/off switch.

The Neutron 2C has a brightness setting memory. When turned off and back on, it will go back to the last brightness setting.

While in operation, the on/off switch has an illuminated LED: blue for good battery, red for drained battery. The on/off switch LED is a VERY nice touch. The switch is almost flush and can be difficult to find. I usually point the belt clip to the on/off switch so I can find it.

When charging, the LED will shine blue when fully charged and red when charging.

ThruNite C2 beam
Looking through some woods.


Neutron 2C Test

Even though the external USB port is covered with a rubber flap, it is not waterproof. From previous experience with this type of design, if submerged, the USB port will leak water. Because of this, the flashlight was not subjected to a submersion test.

Drop test: the flashlight was dropped several times from a height of around four feet onto a railroad crosstie. When dropped on the tailcap, the flashlight stopped working for a moment, but then returned to operation.

It was ran over with a Kodiak ATV.

Finally, the flashlight was tied to the ATV and drug down a rocky road.

During the drag test, the lanyard broke and the flashlight went off the road and into the bushes. It took a little while, but the flashlight was eventually found. The housing did very well during the drag test as there were only a few scuff marks.

Final Thoughts

I live in a rural area and use my flashlights almost daily, or rather, nightly. Sometimes the dogs will be off in the woods barking.  So, I will grab a flashlight to see what is going on. From time-to-time, I will use a flashlight to check on the chickens or maybe walk out to the tractor barn.

I found the beam of the Neutron 2C to be wonderful. It has a nice bright center and a wide cone. Not quite a spot light, but not a flood light, either.

The lanyard hole is too small, which measures around 3/32 of an inch. During the drag test the lanyard broke and the hole is too small for a piece of cord.

As of May 29, 2017 the ThruNite Neutron 2C has a price of $49.95 on Amazon and is eligible for Prime shipping.

I give the ThruNite Neutron 2C a rating of 9.7 out of 10. It loses a three tenths of a point for having such a small lanyard hole.

Full disclosure, I received the ThruNite Neutron 2C at no cost to myself. This did not influence my opinion as the results speak for themselves.


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