How Many Guns Do You Carry?


How Many Guns Do You Carry?

How many guns do you carry on you when you go out? As an instructor I get this question in almost every class, and it always surprises then when I show them just how many I do have on me. Now, I carry during the class, so when I get this asked, I stand up and ask them to look and tell me how many I have on me. Most guess that I have on two, some will say just one.

I surprise them when I show them at least three and sometimes four. Now granted the four is just for the class to prove a point. But I always have at least, two most times three. Now for one class I had nine guns on me, just to show them it was possible if you really wanted to do (not that you’d want to).

So I have my main pistol on my side, in an inside the waistband holster. Then I have a Glock 42 or 43 in my front pocket, in a leather pocket holster. Then if I have a third it will be in an ankle holster. Plus don’t forget, three mags total for the main pistol, two mags for the Glock pocket pistol and two mags for the ankle pistol.

Now during the class, they always say, “you must have one on your waist.” Then, a few will add, “maybe one in the pocket.” They never guess the ankle holster for some reason. Sometimes during the 8 hour class I have a McD’s sweet iced tea in a big cup. I drink that all day long and, during one of the breaks when it’s empty, I will put a small Ruger 380 in there and put the lid back on and stick the straw back in and act like I’m drinking. They never guess that one, and they looked shocked once I show them.

Then I will have a newspaper folded like you fold it to carry under your arm as if you were taking it to read somewhere. And it is on the desk the entire class and I never touch it. Plus, I have one of the daily planners you carry around and this is an actual daily planner with a fake back cover that is Velcro attached over a pistol and one extra mag. So again when they ask I say ok let’s take a break and I will show you. I stick the newspaper under my arm, drink in hand and daily planner in the other hand. I stand up and ask, “Okay, tell me how many.”

The drink, the two sided taped up newspaper with a pistol inside and the daily planner always get them and they look shocked. So I will then tell them that in Ohio and WV there is no limit at how many you can carry as long as the gun is concealed. Then I give all students a paper with links so that they can check their state laws and make sure there is no limit, or if there a limit they can find out what it is.

If you don’t have extra mags, when you run out and you will, all you have is something to throw. Think about that!

Hope to see you out there and STAY SAFE!


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