Watch: Olympic Arms’ OA-98 AR Pistol


Watch: Olympic Arms’ OA-98 AR Pistol

Believe it or not, AR pistols are nothing new.  In the 1990s, Olympic Arms designed an AR pistol with a redesigned buff. Rather than the buffer being to the rear of the pistol, it is above the barrel.

Forgotten Weapons was able to get their hands on an Olympic Arms’ OA-98 AR pistol and put together an excellent video.

Things were going well for the Olympic Arms AR pistol, then along came the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994. Certain changes had to be made to the pistol so it would comply with the law.

Now for the video.

Overall, the Olympic Arms OA-98 is a cool looking pistol.

The OA-98 was produced for around six years, from 1998-2004. Looking at the Olympic Arms website, it appears no version of this pistol is still in production, which is too bad. Moving the buffer tube above the firearm seems like a great idea.

I wonder why the idea faded away?

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