Why I use Rainier Ballistics Bullets, Even Before They Became One of My Sponsors


Why I use Rainier Ballistics Bullets, Even Before They Became One of My Sponsors

In my shooting career even before I decided to get into competition shooting, I reloaded. I have been reloading in one form or another since I was about 7 or 8, which means that I now have at least 45 years of reloading under my belt. I also teach reloading classes and hold reloading seminars, where I have promoted Rainier Ballistics now for I think almost 7 years.

So it’s pretty fair to say that I have used just about every type of bullet out there including making my own with my LEE lead melting pot and a few bullet molds. I no longer shoot plain lead bullets and have not for YEARS and will never do so anymore. So again, many different types and brands over these years.

I truly have had my best scores and set club records using Rainier Ballistics bullets and I see no reason to stop using them. I had bought my first Rainier Ballistics at a local Cabela’s to try out. I bought three boxes of 500 each for 9mm, 115 – 124 & 147 grain. I tried different loads and seating depths to get what worked for me and I run all my reloads through my Beta-Master Chronograph with the printer.

Rainier Ballistics ready to use!

So I have data sheets on all loads and I print out the testing results and staple them to the sheets so I know just which one works best. For me it is the Rainier Ballistics 124 Flatpoints. Out of my comp Glock 17 for steel plates. I will have to go through this process again this summer once I get my new ground up built Johnny Custom Glocks race gun.


Here is a tip if you use the Chrony and record the data, if you are using ONE gun only and using different weight loads and depth settings of the bullets, on the sheet somewhere draw the target and write down the size of the target and distance out.

Then put little dots where EACH bullet hits for each different load and even write it out, something like, “115 with CFE Pistol at X amount of powder is hitting low left” on the sheet for that load and do that on EACH sheet for each load. Once you find the best one and don’t have to adjust your sights, you can always go back to the data sheet and remake any of the loads (You may run out of your favorite powder or bullet weight and have to load one of the other loads) and know just where it is hitting the target. Also save and date your targets, then after a few times to the range you can see the improvements.


My well worn data book
Sample of the data sheet


I have just recently added a longer threaded Lone Wolf match barrel and a Carver Custom 4 port compensator to my Gen 3 G17. That barrel has a total of 100 rounds through it so it is still “breaking in”, plus I had to go to a 11pound recoil spring and trim some coils off of it to get it to cycle without any stoppages. 124 is the recommended lightest bullet to use with this new barrel/comp so once again Rainier Ballistics has stepped up to the plate and running great!

My Gen 3 Glock 17 Steel Plate Gun with Johnny Custom Glocks trigger system, Lone Wolf Match barrel, Carver Customs 4 port Comp, C-More RTS2 Red Dot and Glock Store weighted magwell

What I love about Rainier Ballistics is they load like butter into and through the progressive presses. I have never had any issues with them in any press I use. They are consistent in groups; there is not that much variance in weight to really affect anything. And when I first bought them I heard from other reloaders, “You have to load them like you load plain lead or you will shoot the bullet right out of the copper wash!”

I guess years ago that may have been a problem, but like everything else in this world, there are new improvements in process, chemicals, you name it. And I can honestly say that I have loaded rounds HOT just to test this and see if there really was a problem, and never, not even once did that ever happen so I can say to you that if that was a problem in the past, that’s where it still is, in the past!

Rainier Ballistics 124 Flatpoints waiting to get loaded!

Rainiers are straight shooting bullets that load great and perform even better, I have been honored to have them pick me up for one of my sponsors now for a long time and again, I USE all the products first before I ever contact companies about sponsorships or even write or post a video about said product. I will NEVER promote junk products no matter what it is, period and I used it long before to see how good or not good they are.

I have also since turned down and away other bullet companies that want me now to try the “Next Best Bullets” etc. I am loyal person and I look at it as if I am setting records with Rainier Ballistics and they have become like a family to me and trust me to represent their brand like they have, there is no reason to go with anyone else. They know I have their back and I know they have mine.

So I ask you the next time you need to buy bullets for reloading, do yourself a favor and buy a box of 500 first and try Rainier Ballistics and see if you can get the same results I am getting. Understand you will have to try different loads to get the right one for you, but once you found it, watch out you can set the range a blaze with your shooting! Then Rainier Ballistics will be stocked on your reloading room bench ready to go!

To give you a head start I use, Starline brass, Winchester Primers, Hodgdon Powders and Rainier Ballistics bullets. I will not go into my loading data for legal issues but I can tell you to go to Hodgdon’s website and look at the reload data and go from there.

Check out Rainier Ballistics at: http://www.rainierballistics.com/

Hodgdon Powders at: https://www.hodgdon.com/

Starline brass at: https://www.starlinebrass.com/

Winchester Primers: http://www.winchester.com/products/components/primers/winchester-primers/pages/winchester-primers.aspx

Johnny Custom Glocks at: http://johnnyglocks.com/

Stay SAFE, wear eye protection when you reload and FOLLOW the manuals!

See you at the range!


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