Smith’s New Combat Magnum Revolvers


Smith’s New Combat Magnum Revolvers

Smith and Wesson has long been an innovator in the world of handguns and particularly in bringing out new revolvers. Now S&W has announced two new models being shipped now. These two new guns are being designated the models Combat Magnum Model 66 and 69 revolvers.

Those model numbers may ring a bell, but these are not the same guns. These new versions are now short barreled models with 2.75 inch barrels. The new Combat Magnum 66 will be chambered for the .357 Magnum and the Combat Magnum 69 will come chambered in the .44 Magnum.

The sweetness of these two new models is that with a short barrel profile these handguns are purpose built for shooters and concealed revolver carriers that want a full magnum handgun built on a medium sized frame. This is important for comfortable carry and quick draws in response to immediate needs to produce a weapon.

The Model 66 is built on the famous K-Frame, and the Model 69 is built on the lessor known L-Frame. Both are constructed of stainless steel frames and cylinders. The metal has been treated with a glass bead finish. The ball detent feature was improved to strengthen the yoke to frame lockup. The guns feature a full length extractor for easy cartridge exit. The barrels on both guns feature a full metal under lug design similar to the old 586 and 686 revolvers, only the front is angled down.

Sights include a red ramp front sight with an adjustable white outline rear sight. The grips are soft synthetic for a solid hold and comfortable grip with the magnum loads. The top barrel straps are fully serrated. While the Model 66 .357 has a 6-shot cylinder, the Model 69 in .44 Magnum’s cylinder holds five rounds.

Of course, the Model 66 can handle both .357 Magnum as well as the .38 Special loads including +P loads. The Model 69, .44 Magnum can also load and shoot the ever popular but lighter .44 Special loads. This increases the utility of both handguns immensely.

These new model 66s and 69s are smart looking revolvers with that distinctive matte stainless beaded look and the heavy lug under the barrel. They certainly look like business, and considering the loads they can handle, they can certainly deliver the business. Check out these new Smith and Wesson models at

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