Watch: Polish Vis 35 Handgun


Watch: Polish Vis 35 Handgun

The Military Arms Channel has put together another excellent video. This video is about the Vis 35, which was developed in Poland before World War II. It is chambered in 9mm and the magazine holds eight rounds. The model number denotes the year of development, which was 1935.

Even though the Vis 35 looks very much like the classic 1911, there are several differences, such as th Vis having a de-cocker and the way the Vis disassembles.

On a personal note, I am rather surprised at the Vis 35 prices. Looking at GunBroker, there are several of them for sale with prices well over $1,000.

Now for the video.

As a shooting enthusiast, I enjoy video like this that show firearm history.

In all honesty, I have not heard of the Vis 35 until this video. When I saw the preview image, I thought this was a Polish clone of the 1911.

This is an excellent example of quality workmanship from an era when craftsman made firearms.

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