Academy Store Gun Shipment Robbed


Academy Store Gun Shipment Robbed

While a truck driver slept in the cab awaiting an early morning delivery, thieves clipped the seals and locks on the truck and stole a shipment of guns and ammo. The driver and store employees discovered the shipment loss the next morning. Total tally of the stolen weapons included 67 guns, 61 handguns and six long guns. Some ammunition was also taken.

The Olive Branch, Mississippi Academy store resides just outside the city of Memphis well known for its organized gang activities. Local authorities responded to the weapons heist along with agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF). Also assisting with the robbery were officials of the Mississippi Association of Gang Investigators, who track gang activities in the region.

Naturally there is only speculation about who might have stolen the guns, and what the ultimate disposition of such weapons might be. Agents of the ATF responded that often times such large caches of stolen guns end up being trafficked all over the country. They did think there might be a high probability that the guns could end up in the hands of gang members in the Memphis area.

It does seem rather improbable that the thieves anticipated the truck loaded to deliver at the Academy store was carrying firearms and ammo. It would seem just as likely that the robbers thought the truck was full of all other kinds of merchandise that an Academy store usually sells including high dollar athletic shoes and clothing. This won’t be determined until the thieves are caught.

In such cases as reported by the authorities, stolen guns can quickly end up being sold on the streets and in short time they often turn up in the commission of other crimes. Sometimes it takes years for such guns to turn up. Persons active in the business of crimes are quick to buy up such weapons because they know they cannot be traced. However, undoubtedly there are records of the exact weapons shipment including serial numbers, models and brand descriptions.

It is highly likely that the ATF and local police have put out notices to local vendors of firearms to be on the lookout for these stolen guns. Pawn shops and even flea markets are often used to “fence” such merchandise, so it is probable that some or all of these stolen guns will eventually surface. The hope is that their use in further criminal activities will be minimal.

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