Watch: Shotgun Shells Loaded With Cereal


Watch: Shotgun Shells Loaded With Cereal

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone gets arrested for shooting someone else with breakfast cereal.

Sadly, you read that correctly. A 29-year-old male resident of Eureka, California fired a shotgun shell which contained Rice Krispies instead of shot pellets at another man, hitting him in the hand.

Our genius resisted arrest, adding to the charge of probation violation. The victim declined to press charges and was treated for “a non-life threatening wound to one hand.”

In today’s world, you don’t just bow your head in shame for the human race when you hear of such a thing; instead, you start dumping shot out of shotgun shells, refilling them with cereal, and shooting stuff with them, on video, of course.

The first shell’s payload of Fruity Pebbles turned to dust before reaching the target watermelon, but the plastic wad knocked a plug out of it.

The same thing happened with all of the other shots; the cereal disintegrates but the wad hits pretty hard. Good thing Marvin the Martian was wearing a helmet…

Grape-Nuts proved much more durable, to which anyone who has ever tried to eat them can attest! These tiny rock-hard objects are just about as edible as actual bird shot. And they do punch numerous holes in a cardboard target. As usual, the wad punched an even bigger hole.

Conclusion: Don’t shoot your friends, or anyone else, with cereal.

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