Gear Review: Johnny Custom Glock Triggers


Gear Review: Johnny Custom Glock Triggers

Glock pistols are some of the most dominant pistols in the world today, and there’s no denying there is a football field full of aftermarket parts for Glocks. But what most people never even think of changing (and which needs changing the most) is the trigger!

It is a well-known fact that Glock factory triggers are far from perfect, and you could have 5 brand-new Glocks on the table and possibly have 5 different trigger pulls.

The video below shows aftermarket trigger failures, but it also shows their trigger and push it for sale. Ignore their trigger because you will not get what you get with Johnny’s triggers. My point is the Glock parts will work the best if you know what you are doing with them, and that is where Johnny Custom Glocks Triggers comes in!

This guy works his magic with factory Glock parts! So ALL 3 internal safeties work as designed. I have been running one of his triggers for almost 2 years and it has worked perfectly.

This is my Glock 17 Race gun for steel plate matches with a Johnny Custom Glocks Comp Trigger

What I love about Johnny’s triggers as he will build them to what you want, he will spend time with you on the phone, and yes it’s him as he does it all himself, so he knows each one that leaves the shop is perfect.

If you have the right trigger, your shooting will improve immensely, and in a hurry.


I’ve won a lot of matches using his triggers and have fired thousands of rounds without any trouble, while guys with the popular Pyramid triggers have had failures from full-auto bursts to not working at all.

Trust me, if you want the absolute best Glock Trigger, check out Johnny Custom Glocks. He even does a great concealed-carry pistol trigger that makes the little carry Glocks much easier to shoot. I am going to have him do my 42 and 43 also.

Get a hold of Johnny and talk with him. Tell him what you want and he will build it, and you will still have all OEM Glock parts.

Tell him Ron Gunner sent you!

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