Shoot Often for Effective Firepower


Shoot Often for Effective Firepower

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt once commented to reporters that “I’m not a particularly good shot, but I shoot often.” If you have read any of his books on his many hunting exploits, you will realize that Teddy did indeed shoot often, and just as often downed his target. He was a prolific hunter of big game in the Western USA and Africa.

Roosevelt’s premise of “shooting often” has application for other shooting practices as well. Countless shooting incident investigations illustrate that precise bullet placement may not always be enough to incapacitate an adversary. So, what’s to be done? Shoot often.

There is no proof that I can find, but this premise may have helped develop the “double tap” concept. Simply put, this tactic suggests that you shoot twice when you’d normally shoot once, sending two bullets downrange with a miniscule gap in time between shots. The assumption is that two rounds into the target will be more effective than one.

Anybody wielding a firearm for any reason has the responsibility to use that tool effectively. Whether hunting or defending your life, you must place your bullets well. If a double tap ensures your comfort zone or seals the deal, then so be it.

Teddy may have been right. Shoot often.

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