Snowflakes: Outlaw Hunting Hogs With Dogs


Snowflakes: Outlaw Hunting Hogs With Dogs

The modern domesticated dog may seem sweet and cuddly. However, behind that innocent look is the genetic code for a wolf.

At least 30,000 years ago, our ancestors used domesticated wolves to hunt mammoths. The human-dog relationship was founded on a partnership that benefited both parties. Dogs helped mankind hunt and they provided security; humans provided dogs with shelter and a steady food supply.

Somehow, people forgot dogs have an instinct to hunt. They chase mail trucks, rabbits, or squirrels. While we think it is cute, chasing is their instinct. Dogs are natural hunters and nothing will ever change that.

Pigs And Dogs

A buddy of mine shared a link on Facebook to a petition at He hunts wild pigs with dogs and had some stern words about the petition. When I saw the petition, I shook my head in disgust.

Outlaw hog vs. dog hunting/fighting in the wild

Goal: To outlaw the cruel and inhumane practice of using dogs to hunt wild boar in Florida, as well as in all 31 other states that it’s currently legal.

The post shows how out of touch people are with their dogs. There is nothing “cruel” about a dog hunting. Modern dogs are the domesticated descendants of wolves. Even the scientific name for a dog recognizes that fact.

  • Dog – Canis lupus familiaris
  • Gray wolf – Canis lupus

The petition goes on to say,

There are many humane options for dealing with the pigs,

Personally, I would like to know what those options are.

There are traps, but wild pigs learn what traps are and avoid them. I have personally witnessed corn eaten all the way up to the door of a trap, but the wild pigs would not go into the trap.

Those other options are not working, because the nation is being overrun with wild pigs.

Then the petition says,

which do not need to involve brutally killing the pigs or putting domesticated dogs in harm’s way.

Such is nature: Dogs are predators, pigs are prey.

A good number of people who hunt pigs with dogs put protective vests and collars on the dogs. The vests and collars protect the dog from the sharp tusk of the pig.

Some breeds of dogs used in pig hunting cost several hundred dollars. A Black Mouth Cur dog could easily cost $600, sometimes upwards of around $1,000. After spending that much money on a prized hunting dog, the owner is not going to just let it die or suffer serious injury.

Last but not least,

Hogs are numerous, omnivorous and have no natural predators

Really? If dogs hunted Mammoths that weighed up to 8 tons, and Mastodons that weighed up to 11 tons, a 200 pound wild pig is a walk in the park.

Final Thoughts

The honest truth is, dogs are natural hunters. When you get a dog into the woods they act totally different than when they are at home.

When their instincts come out you get to see who your dog truly is. The problem is, city dwellers rarely get to see the hunting side of their dogs.

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