Watch: Electric Fan Guard Snake Trap


Watch: Electric Fan Guard Snake Trap

Cool idea of taking the guard off an electric fan and turning it into a snake trap.

It is just a matter of time before humanity faces some kind of event. It could be social collapse, nuclear war, eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano, etc, but something will happen to set humanity back.  When that happens, we need to be able to utilize resources.

In the video, the lady puts the trap next water and uses minnows as bait.

Some points of the video I found interesting, such as putting limbs over the trap. Maybe it was to make the trap appear more natural to the snake? Rather than cutting limbs, why not set the trap under a low hanging limb?

The trap was set next to a pond and underbrush. Here in Texas, that would probably mean catching a Cottonmouth. Maybe the trap would work in a chicken house?

This type of trap could help dispose of unwanted snakes, while at the same time providing a source of food. Snake is at the the bottom of my possible food list, but preppers/survivalists should not overlook it.

Special thank you to AHA Factory for posting this excellent video on YouTube. Keep up the good work.

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