Five Items to Take on a Hiking Trip


Five Items to Take on a Hiking Trip

While packing for a recent hiking trip, I realized there were several items I always pack. Unless it was a short trip on a trail or back road, there are certain items I almost always bring.

Just to be clear, this is not walking on a trail in a park type of hiking trip. The trips I do are through wilderness areas with only a few crisscrossing ATV trails or dirt roads. The routes are usually off the beaten path, no trails, no signs, no markers, nothing but your navigational skills to guide you type of hiking trip.

What are the items?

Water Filter and Canteen

The length of my hiking trips is determined by how much water I bring. One bottle of water, just a couple of miles or so. Having a water filter means there is no limit. If a one hour trip turned into an all day trip, then so be it.

I live in southeast Texas and the summers can be rather brutal. July and August heat index is usually close to 110 degrees. Having enough water is critical for those mid-summer hiking trips.

Rain Poncho

Even though the weather forecast says clear skies, I still bring a poncho. It can be strung up to make a shelter and get out of the rain or sun.

Something happens that causes me to spend a night in the woods, the poncho can be fashioned into a shelter.

Mosquito Repellent

Not just for mosquitoes, but also for ticks. Spray your legs down, then spray your pants. Personally, I spray everything from my boots to the top of my head.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease are serious matters. According to the CDC, you need something with at least 20% deet to keep ticks away.

Boonie Hat

A wide brim hat helps protect the top of the head, ears and back of the neck. These are areas where men commonly develop skin cancer.

I avoid baseball style caps because they do not protect the ears from the sun like a boonie hat does.


Bring home nothing but pictures and memories.

I use pictures from my hiking trips in articles, videos and computer background.

Final Thoughts

We did not mention a backpack, but that should be a given.

The gear listed above are some of the common items I bring on a trip. Whether it is a two mile hike, or a 10 mile hike, the above list applies.

So, what are some of the gear you usually bring on a trip?

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