When Guns are Banned, Criminals Smuggle


When Guns are Banned, Criminals Smuggle

There is a mindset among the gun grabbers that if the Government can regulate guns, then gun crimes will go down. That train of thought ignores the lengths criminals will go to.

In this example, 79 handguns were found on their way to the United Kingdom.

Seventy-nine “viable” weapons were recovered from the car’s trailer when it was stopped by UK Border Force officers at Coquelles near the Channel Tunnel terminal on Saturday.

Two men, a Polish and a Czech national, have been remanded in custody at Uxbridge magistrates’ court in connection with the operation.

The guns were concealed in specially-adapted engine blocks.

Chances are, the only reason they got caught is because they were pulling a trailer of vehicle parts. The article says engine blocks, but the picture is of a transmission. It looks like someone took the insides out of a transmission, then filled it with handguns.

With all the vehicles in the United Kingdom, someone taking a trailer into the country sparked interest.

Several years ago I was talking to a buddy of mine, who is also a Deputy Sheriff. I asked him about some of the times he pulled people over and found money or drugs. He told me about a plumbing van that had license plates from the east coast. He said, “Why would a plumbing van from the east coast be in Texas?” He followed the van for several miles, which made a lane change without using a blinker.  After being pulled over, drugs and cash were found in the van.

If the people driving the plumbing van had been in a car, they would not have been caught. A car would have blended in more than a plumbing van,

Firearms are heavily regulated in the United Kingdom. What do criminals do? They start smuggling.

The only thing restrictive gun laws do is prohibit law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. Now that the people are disarmed, only criminals have guns.

Homicides in England and Wales up 14%

The number of homicides in England and Wales rose by 71 to 574 in the 12 months to September 2015 – an increase of 14% fuelled by rises in knife and gun crime, official statistics show.

The rise in the number of homicides brings to an end a decade in which the murder rate in England and Wales has been falling despite the continued growth in the population.

Why should we care about England?

It is an example of liberal utopia. The people and the police are disarmed, and the only ones who have firearms are criminals.

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