SIG Sauer’s New Virtus Rifle


SIG Sauer’s New Virtus Rifle

If SIG-Sauer were a typhoon, this would be yet another huge wave for the named storm. SIG as it has come to be known in firearms and shooting vernacular is bringing out yet another new rifle that should perk up the interest of any AR type platform lover. Batten down the hatches for this one.

The recently announced MCX VIRTUS, is a new rifle that packs creative design into an advanced, modular package permitting some 500 potential configurations. Coming out of SIG’s American location in Newington, New Hampshire the VIRTUS will be available in the ubiquitous 5.56 NATO chambering, but also in the ever more popular 300 Blackout.

By the way, just as a sidebar, the word VIRTUS is Roman for virtue, courage, bravery and excellence. Quite a cornerstone upon which to build a new battle rifle.

SIG’s up front bragging and marketing points include “A platform engineered and built to be the most adaptive, and longest lasting rifle available.” Now, by any standard that is a mouth full of promise. However, I cannot recall a time when SIG has not delivered on their claims.

The foundation for this new rifle was the field proven design of the MCX rifle created for the ultra-high demands of the Special Ops groups around the world. The MCX series has earned a hardened reputation for durability and user adapted configurations. SIG then sought and received lots of commentary back from these elite units to then enhance its latest version the VIRTUS.

So, what makes the VIRTUS so great? The easy part is the potential configuration of this platform into as many as 500 formats with barrels, stocks, handguards, and colors to fit any mission statement put to it. Add a service life of some 20,000 rounds without having to put in even one new part. Can you say “wow?”

Spec models include Patrol, Pistol, and SBR versions in Stealth Gray or FDE color. The rifle is driven by a short stroke piston system including a specially designed internal recoil system. Barrels will be available in 9, 11.5, and 16 inches. Barrels are designed to be changed out at the user level. Eight free-floating handguards are available with M-Lok features.

If one tries to read between the lines, conjecture might be that SIG is preparing yet another candidate for active military and law enforcement service, especially given the two choices for chambering in a .22 and .30 caliber offering. Either ideal for civilian consumption as well. See for more details.

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