Aggressive Water Snake Steals Angler’s Catch


Aggressive Water Snake Steals Angler’s Catch

Iowa angler Bob Howard nearly dropped his fishing rod when an oversize water snake rose from the depths and started pestering Howard in his boat.

Howard was fishing southern Iowa’s Rathbun Lake when the snake showed, and Howard tried to fend off the reptile with his rod by striking it on the head. But the snake was fearless and eventually Howard figured the creature was stalking his floating bobber. Apparently previous encounters with anglers had taught the snake that where there are boats, fishermen and bobbers, there are fish for the taking.

About that time a fish took Howard’s bait, his bobber went under, and the snake latched onto the catch. After a brief tug of water over the fish, the snake finally won, but not until after Howard recorded the remarkable event with his handy camera.

“He was real aggressive,” remarked Howard. “He knows that bobber is going to bring in food.”

Iowa DNR folks said the reptile is a northern water snake, which though not venomous is known to bite. Such snakes are common in the state, and regularly measure two to nearly four feet in length.

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