Watch: Black Bear Raids Fridge Like a Hungry Teen


Watch: Black Bear Raids Fridge Like a Hungry Teen

Watch as a huge black bear strolls into a Colorado kitchen and gives it a good sniffing before yanking open the fridge to help himself to its contents.

The Colorado Springs home owner slept soundly through the entire incident, only to find carnage inside after the bear had spent 5 hours marauding through his home.

This was one truly enormous bear!

The bear reportedly got in through a window that was open just a little bit; the bruin finished opening the window and came on in. Earlier versions of the video, some of which have been removed from YouTube, include the loud insistent beeping of a freezer’s low-temp alarm.

I guess the moral here is: Wake up when you hear an insistent beeping emanating from your kitchen. Also: don’t leave your windows open at night!

But folks won’t have to worry about this particular bear raiding any more fridges; CO wildlife managers decided to kill the bear. Turns out, it had gotten used to entering houses and roaming around inside! It had happened a number of times–and even one is too many IMO. So, they simply had to put the critter down.

I’m betting he tasted great.

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