Jedburg Targets Training Aid: the Foe that Just Won’t Fall


“An enemy fighter pops into view. I fire and fire again, but he won’t drop. Am I missing? Is he wearing armor? Finally, after what feels like half a magazine, the foe drops. Two more pop up, and my bolt locks back before they are neutralized. Move, reload, ask buddy for cover fire!”

Regular paper targets don’t give much feedback. Steel does, perhaps too much–normally, human attackers don’t ring when struck. They also seldom drop to a single bullet. Jedburg Targets were developed by a training company to add realism to the range. Operated by electric motors running on AC or from a portable generator, they are simple to set up and require minimal maintenance. Replaceable plastic targets can absorb hundreds or thousands of rounds, depending on the weapon type. They are pass-through, so no hazardous ricochets even up close. Take a look for yourself.

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