Review: Jaxman M8 Flashlight


Review: Jaxman M8 Flashlight

The Jaxman M8 is a handheld flashlight that uses a single 18650 battery and has a maximum brightness of 700 lumens with the cool white model.

My test sample was the neutral white mode, which has a maximum lumen output of 350 lumens.

There is also warm white model that has a maximum output of 350 lumens.

These flashlight reviews look at the endurance and beam. Can the flashlight survive being dropped and is it waterproof? In other words, will it hold up to what the manufacturer says it can do?


All of the specifications listed were taken from my test sample, which is the Jaxman M8 Nichia 219B Neutral White / 5700k.

  • Length: 5 1/16 inches.
  • Weight, with battery: 5.7 ounces.
  • Weight, without battery: 3.95 ounces.
  • Diameter, tailcap: 15/16 inches.
  • Diameter, bezel: 1 7/16 inches.
  • Operation is with a single 18650 battery.
  • Battery is not included
  • Lanyard is included.
  • Carry pouch is not included.

Operation is by pushing the on/off button, which is located under the tailcap.

  • High: 350 lumens.
  • Mid: 130 lumens.
  • Low 20 lumens.
  • Strobe.
  • SOS.

If you want more than 350 lumens, there is an XPL high cool white model that puts out an estimated 700 lumens.  As of July 2017, the 700 lumen model cost around four dollars more than the 350 lumen version.

There is no momentary on option, which means pressing the on/off button slightly does not turn on the flashlight.

The M8 does not have a memory. Rather than returning to the last setting used, it defaults to high.

There are four lanyard holes on the tailcap which measure 1/8 inch wide by 3/16 inch long.


The Jaxman M8 was subjected to a drop test and submersion test.

The M8 was dropped several times on a railroad crosstie from a height of around four feet and did not flicker.

Submersion test is tossing the flashlight into a creek for around an hour. To make sure it does to disappear into the sand bottom the M8 is tied to a tree.

Upon recovering the M8, there was a little leakage around the lens, but nothing major. There was no leakage in the battery compartment.

Jaxman M8 Final Thoughts

The beam is wonderful. It features one of the most narrow cones of any flashlight I have tested. A lot of flashlights have an outer cone that is 90 degrees. Meaning, if you hold the flashlight so that the edge of the outer cone is directly in front of you, the outer edge of the cone will be 90 degrees to the side. With the M8, you get a 45 degree outer cone. Which means, more light to front and less to the sides.


My personal opinion: I see no reason to have a strobe or SOS on this type of flashlight. The lack of a momentary on excludes it from being a weapons light. All it needs is low, medium and high, and it would be fine.

The lack of a memory hurts the flashlight. Whether it is walking through a dark house, or digging through a backpack, I do not want to lose my night vision because it defaults to the brightest setting.

I give the M8 a final score of 9 out of 10.

No memory, lack of on/off, defaulting to high were all subtracted from the score.


Full Disclosure

I received the test sample at no cost to myself. This does not affect my opinion as I look at fact based results.

The final score is based off:

Did the flashlight still operate after the test?

Does the flashlight have certain features?


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