Three Mods that will Get You in Trouble with Your Concealed Carry Gun


Three Mods that will Get You in Trouble with Your Concealed Carry Gun

I did an article on what you could do to your gun, so now is time for one on what will get you in trouble with your concealed carry gun. If you ever have to use your gun to defend yourself (I hope you never have to do so) here are a few things you should NOT have done to that gun.

1. The “Hair Trigger”

Never ever have a competition trigger, or as most prosecuting attorneys may say, a “hair trigger” installed in that carry gun. They will use that against you. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few trigger kits out there made just for carry guns and they are far from comp triggers. They or more or less just smoothed over and have maybe one to two pound less pull, but most just smooth it out so it feels better and you can press it smoother so you are not jerking the gun off the target.

2. References to violence and profanity

Never ever have the end of your barrel of your gun engraved or etched with sayings like, “Drop dead”, “Smile and wait for flash”, “You’re dead” or “F” this or that. In fact never have any profanity on your carry gun at all.

Never ever have on the back slide cover (Polymer guns) anything profane, or the Reaper logo, or even the popular Punisher logo, or even on the mag bases. The right prosecutor can use that to claim that you are out looking for a fight. I have seen all kinds in classes and at the range from “F*** ISIS” and even a Nazi symbol on one. Anything like that anywhere on the gun and you have to use it, you just made your defense 100 times harder.


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There are some companies that offer to etch or print anything you would want on the back covers and mag bases for your gun, on eBay there are hundreds of companies/people willing to do that and its cheap. So what you might think is funny to you and few friends on your gun could backfire on you and land you in jail.


Remember, most of the people today still are not gun friendly (yet). So your joke addition to your carry gun may be the one thing that 12 people of a jury will not find humor in at all when you are in court over shooting someone that you killed, even in self defense!

3. Extended mag base

It is even possible that if you have an extended mag base adding 4 or more rounds could be used against you, anything they can turn around to sway the jury is possible.

They could say, look the gun came with 15 round “high capacity” mags (i.e. standard capacity mags) but they had to go ahead and even add even more rounds so they could shoot more people!

Think about it, is it really worth taking the chance? You could be risking your own family and life for that matter, so “trick out” any gun you want except for your concealed carry gun. Leave that one as plain looking as it can be. You can change the sights, even get a carry trigger, but for its looks, leave it alone.

Hope you never have to use your gun.


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