What’s Up with Gators These Days Near Fort Myers?


What’s Up with Gators These Days Near Fort Myers?

A 71-year old resident of a small town east of Ft. Myers, Florida was attacked by a 10-foot alligator recently in her gated home community, where she received a severe bite, and had to be lifeflighted to a hospital for medical attention.

Victim Genie Witze of the Shadow Wood Preserve community was attacked while working in her garden. The gator was known to be in the area by residents, but had not caused previous concerns.

The creature was captured by state wildlife gator trappers, while Witze is recuperating from the attack.

This incident is the latest in a number of alligator attacks in this part of Florida.

Scott Lahodik was diving for golf balls in a lake in a Rotunda, Florida golf course when he attacked by a 10-foot-alligator. And young 10-year old Jacob Allicock was bitten on his foot by an alligator when he was swimming in Southwest Florida’s Peace River.

Gator problems have soared in Florida in recent years. Authorities believe this has occurred because more people unfamiliar with gators are moving into the state from out-of-area. Female breeding season also is underway, and many gators have lost their fear of man because people feed them.

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