Five Prepper Wish List Items


Five Prepper Wish List Items

The other day my wife and I were talking about article ideas. She suggested a prepper wish list and asked me what were some items that I wished I could have?

So, preppers, if you could wish five items into existence, what would they be? Let’s not make this some science fiction list, but rather a “somewhat” realistic five item list.

On second thought, let’s have one item that would be impossible to have in today’s world. I will save my impossible item for the last item on the list.

Short Barreled AR-15 Rifle

Rather, a short barreled AR-15 rifle without all the hassle. I could fill out the paperwork, pay the fees and jump through all the government hoops to get a short barreled rifle. However, I feel jumping through the hoops violates my privacy and is an infringement upon my right to keep and bear arms.

I would love to have an AR-15 with something like a 10 1/2 inch barrel to carry around the farm, or take out on the boat. Maybe go out to the national forest and go hunting?

Free Hunting License

My hunting and fishing license cost close to $100 a year. That includes fresh water, salt water, public hunting lands and regular hunting license.

It has gotten to the point where an low income family can not even hunt and put meat on the table.  There are numerous public hunting lands spread all over the nation, but where the Government gets you is with the license.

Why can’t a hunting and fishing be free to people who make below a certain amount of money?

Not that I “need” a free license. The $100 a year fee does not hurt me one bit. But, there are a lot of people out there who simply can not afford to hunt or fish.

So, the free hunting license is not for myself, but for others who simply can not afford to hunt of fish because of how much the license cost.

Forever Water Filter

This is kind of stretching it for the realm of realistic items, but I would like to have a water filter that last pretty much forever. The Sawyer Squeeze has an estimated lifespan of one million gallons.

Why can’t someone take the technology for the Sawyer Squeeze and turn into a filter for the Berkey?  Four Sawyer Squeeze filters in a Berkey would equal an estimated four million gallons of safe drinking water.

I might order a Squeeze and see if I can adapt it to my Royal Berkey.

Communication Without Technology

I wish there was a way to pick up a portable device and talk to my parents without relying on modern technology.

There are HAM radios, but not everyone wants to become a HAM radio operator.

Cell phones depend on a tower, and the tower requires power. When the grid goes down, the cell towers usually have a propane powered backup generator. When the propane runs out, the tower goes down.

Then there is the fragile Internet backbone. A few weeks ago a router or line went down in the ATT network somewhere around Beaumont, Texas. All the internet traffic sent through a certain router went dead. Traffic sent through other routers was fine. Routers are supposed to have a protocol that knows when a route is dead and will look for alternative routes. Something went wrong with that protocol.  Not only was the route dead, the  discovery protocol did not do its job.

Maybe we should go back to a plain old phone system?

Peace On Earth

The one item I know we will never have is peace on earth and goodwill to everyone.

So many of our problems could be solved if we considered the feelings of others. Even if half the people on earth would consider others before themselves, the other half would take advantage of the situation.

Most of the problems facing humanity would go away if we sought goodwill before everything else.

Those are my five items I wish I could have.

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