WASR-10 After 10,000 Rounds


WASR-10 After 10,000 Rounds

The WASR-10 gets a lot of undeserved hate. Why is the hate undeserved? Because of stuff like this.

  • Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74 put over 10,000 rounds through the rifle:
  • The number of malfunctions can be counted on one hand.
  • The issues were with a certain brand of ammunition.
  • Ak Operators Union said the rifle is holding up just fine.
  • No broken parts reported in the video.

The rifle in the video was used as a hand-out rifle for people taking an AK class. As he says in the video, he saw Arsenal and other expensive rifles go down, and the shooters finished the class with the WASR-10.

Now for the video.

I bought my WASR-10 somewhere around 2007 and I paid $375 + tax. After Sandy Hook, prices went through the roof. However, prices have been steadily inching down over the past few years.

The guy in the video says he sees the WASR-10 as a starter rifle. I respectfully disagree with that comment.

10,000 rounds with only a handful of malfunctions and no breakages, means the WASR-10 is not a starter rifle. While it may have some magazine wobble, might have a canted front sight, the WASR-10 has proven itself to be a reliable product.

Maybe we confuse quality with reliability? Just because something fits nicely and has quality standards does not mean it will be reliable. For example, NASA has some of the best engineers in the world, and they have had their fair share of failures.

Why should someone spend $1,000 on an AK-47, when a $500 AK is just as reliable?

As much as I want another AK and look for something besides the WASR, I keep going back to the WASR. With people such as AK Operators Union saying they have 10,000 rounds through a rifle and can count the number of malfunctions on one hand, why should I buy anything else?

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