Breadcrumb Trackable: Track Your Arrows or Find Your Hunting Spot via Bluetooth


Breadcrumb Trackable: Track Your Arrows or Find Your Hunting Spot via Bluetooth

Here’s something that most (if not all) archers could use at some point. After all, arrows are easy to lose and can be quite difficult to find… and when hunting, finding your arrow can be vital to 1) determining whether your shot connected with the animal, and sometimes 2) actually finding the animal after it’s been hit but ran away.

It’s an electronic arrow nock that’s activated when the arrow is fired, causing it to light up and become trackable by Bluetooth — so you can use your smart phone to track down your arrow! Pretty sweet concept.

They’re calling it Breadcrumb Trackable Technology, and while the folks doing their PR may not have a superb mastery of the English langauge (it’s “nock,” not “knock” and “emit, not “emmit”), they do seem to have conjured up a pretty cool product.

Here’s a quote from their website:

Nothing is more irritating than stopping your practice or pursuit to search for a missing arrow. Losing a fully loaded arrow that’s affixed with a broadhead and lighted nock can easily set you back $60. On top of that, the search for lost arrows can eat up a considerable amount of your time. The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Trackable Nock saves you from both of these frustrations so you can get back to more enjoyable hunting.


I have not done a ton of archery hunting, but even in my limited experience, I have seen multiple occasions when life would have been much easier if only we could find the arrow so we could know whether the deer was hit or not. A bloody arrow means your work has just begun; a clean arrow simply says, “Better luck next time.”

And even when you know you’ve missed, you still want that arrow back. Let’s face facts here: Archery ain’t cheap. Arrows and broadheads are costly, and losing one can hurt.


They’re saying the range is up to 100 yards, which I hope is true… but which seems impressive considering the fact that Bluetooth audio often flakes out at less than ten yards.

Let’s watch:

You can learn more about this nock on their website.

They also have a “location marker,” which has an even better-sounding range of “up to 150 yards.” Use it to find where you left your your pack or to find a tree stand in the dark.

Check it out below:

What do you think? Gimmick, great products, or something in between?

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