Idaho May Allow Bounty & Baiting Wolves for Hunting,


Idaho May Allow Bounty & Baiting Wolves for Hunting,

Urban “save wild wolves” advocates will be rattled by the Idaho Department of Fish & Game’s solution to the predatory animals killing wild big game and livestock. But the department is proposing putting bounties on hungry meat-hunting wolves, and even allowing hunters to lure the animals to gun range by baiting them.

The state’s Wolf Depredation Control Board believes this may be the best and most cost efficient method of eliminating rampaging packs of wolves on game and livestock.

“The use of sportsmen who pay for the opportunity to hunt or trap is traditionally our best method of managing wildlife populations,” Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Morris said.

In 2015 there were 35 cows and 125 sheep taken by wolves, and the state killed 75 of the predators. In 2016, hunters took 139 wolves, trappers collected 131 of the canines.

Bear hunters working bait sites also would be allowed to take wolves if they hold the appropriate licenses.

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