Fishing Participation Booms Nationwide


Fishing Participation Booms Nationwide

A report by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) shows angling has increased by 1.5 million participants over last year. While the increase in fishermen is significant, it still is the number two adult outdoor activity in America, following only jogging as the most popular outside activity.

Yet fishing is gaining on jogging for participation, adding 2.5 million anglers engaged in fishing for their fist time.


“These findings provide validation for our work,” said RBFF president Frank Peterson. “Our efforts to recruit new audiences and bring families to the water are certainly paying off.”

Most new fishing participants were young and female, and were a significant part of the 5.3 percent angling total.


Hispanic Americans were vigorously recruited by RBFF, resulting in 3.8 Hispanics fishing, a 11 percent increase. Hispanics on average make six times more fishing trips than other peer groups.

Young anglers participating increased three percent, totaling 11 million youths.

A total of 855 billion fishing trips were made by American anglers last year, nearly 19 trips per person.


“Research shows that fishing is an essential piece of America’s outdoor tradition, and it often leads children to pursue outdoor activities and healthy living into adulthood,” said Ivan Levin, of the Outdoor Foundation.

The report will help the outdoor industry understand fishing participation in order to engage even more people in recreational fishing and create the next generation of lifelong anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.


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