Watch: Winchester Model 12


Watch: Winchester Model 12

There is something about an old shotgun that deserves admiration. How many rabbits or squirrels has the shotgun put on the family table? How many young people learned to shoot with grand paws shotgun? May a dad bought the shotgun for his son or daughter as a birthday or Christmas present?

The model 12 was made from 1912 to 1964. Special production runs were made until 2006. In all, an estimated two million model 12 shotguns were produced. That two million may seem a little low for a firearm that was made from 1912-1964. However, we should keep in mind this was in an era when skilled craftsman made the firearm.

Hickok45 made a video about the Winchester model 12 pump shotgun.

On a personal note, I remember in the 1980s the model 12 receiving a lot of love, even though production ended 20 years earlier.

The Winchester model 12 is unique in that it can be slam-fired. With the trigger pulled, cycle the pump action and the round will fire when chambered. This gave it a “cool” factor to the young men I went to high school with.

Even though I have seen numerous model 12 shotguns for sale, I have never owned one. I might have to change that sometime soon. At the start of 2017 I thought about adding another shotgun to the collection. It might have to be a Winchester model 12.

This is a timeless shotgun that refuses to slip into the realm of obscurity.

Hickok45, thank you for another wonderful video. Keep up the great work.

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