FLIR Announces New ThermoSight Series


FLIR Announces New ThermoSight Series

As technologies continue to expand the horizons of shooting and hunting, thermal sighting devices are becoming more popular than ever. Much of this started of course in the military realm where spotting potential target threats was made much easier by picking up heat signals of the enemy on the battlefield.

Later hunters, especially hog hunters, took up the use of infrared imaging and thermal devices to help pick out these targets in the fields and woods. Now, as hog hunting has become a top priority in many states, these technologies are being deployed more and more.

FLIR Systems has been a top producer of this type of equipment. Now, FLIR has announced the introduction of a new Pro Series of Thermal Weapon Sights. Three versions of the new Thermosight include the PTS233, PTS533, and PTS733, which in order have lens sizes of 19, 50, and 75 millimeters with 4x digital zoom. These sights were fully designed with the outdoor enthusiast markets in mind as well as other use applications. If you are a hog hunter, you are going to want to check out these new thermal imaging devices.

These thermal sights are powered by the FLIR Boson thermal camera core which delivers smaller, lighter optics with increased image capabilities and range. The FLIR Pro Series has enhanced object detection with clear thermal images in any light intensity from low contrast daytime light to total darkness. This sight also peers through smoke, haze, and light fog.

“The FLIR ThermoSight Pro Series provides feature rich functionality to offer the security, law enforcement, and tactical markets a weapon sight with superior thermal imaging technology. This new Boson-based thermal weapon sight series represents the most advanced recreational scope line for FLIR, setting the bar for size, weight, power, and performance,” says Dmitry Rocklin, Vice President of FLIR Outdoor and Tactical Systems.

Other features of these FLIR Thermosights includes 320×256 thermal resolution, Bluetooth 4.0, and USB-C connectivity, and user controlled imaging palettes and image enhancement filters. Device recording permits for the internal storage of up to two hours of video or 1000 JPEG images. These sights also include the feature of a digital compass and inclinometer. FLIR’s Thermosights are also designed for quick attach mounting on weapons systems.

The initial sight offering is available now in the PTS233 with a suggested retail price of $2199. The other two Thermosights will be available later this year. For more information check out FLIR’s web site.

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