Ten Homespun Prepper Camp Tips


Ten Homespun Prepper Camp Tips

Without a doubt endless suggestions for prepper camp tips could easily fill a book. We have all read dozens of the neat little handy ideas to put into practice around the house, a bug out camp, or for other uses.

Those of us engaged in the prepper business think of these little tips all the time. I usually stumble into them when working on a new prepper supply project, working around the bug out camp, or other ideas just seem to pop into thought streams sometimes. I pass along a few here that have been recently conjured up.

1. Wrap a pocket propane lighter with several feet of duct tape. The product is a compact,
lightweight way to keep a handy supply of this tape easily available at all times. Duct tape is a basic supply item for preppers to use for repairs, tying things together, fixing leaks to tarps or boots. It also makes a dandy fire starter material.

2. Use multiple heavy paper tubes from the inside of rolls of toilet paper. Fold several in
half and slide inside one tube. Cache these away in to EDC or BOBs. This paper makes excellent fodder for building fires.

3. Use mint tins of all kinds to store small items. This could include medications, misc.
supplies, sewing items, optics cleaning swabs, paper money or coins, nuts and bolts, screws, tubes of super glue, twine, fishing line with hooks and sinkers, you name it. Mark the tins.

4. When packing a BOB, Jump Bag, or other kit, be sure to utilize all the empty spaces. This
includes putting stuff inside of shoes or boots, fill a thermos or screw top drinking cups with rice, beans, pasta, or other dry foods. Line the inside of gun cases with socks, t-shirts, and other small soft clothing items.

5. Use a secure top medical bottle for pills to store matches. These are good for paraffin
soaked cotton balls, too.

6. When you pack socks, fill them with other soft items or stuff that could use some
cushioning. Slide in a flashlight, batteries, a knife, handkerchiefs, or such.

7. Multi-task all types of plastic food containers with locking lids. Uses are endless.

8. Use an over a door sleeved shoe holder for handguns, magazines or ammo.

9. Store batteries in clear plastic tubing with secure caps. They pack easy in the sides of
bags or in the end spaces.

10. Don’t toss those grocery or shopping plastic bags in the trash or even the recycle bins.
These bags choke our landfills, but alternatively have multiple dozens of uses for toting, wrapping, insulation, stuffing cracks, you name it.

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