Prepping as a Way of Life


Prepping as a Way of Life

Some people see prepping as a hobby, or as a fad that comes and goes like dust in the wind. ¬†SouthernPrepper calls people who prep when something hits the news, “yo-yo” preppers. The news may say something about the swine flu, North Korea… etc, and the yo-yo preppers react to the story. ¬†They get interested in prepping for a little while, then start to lose interest. After a few weeks or months, they are back to their everyday lives with no thought given to prepping.

There is an easy way to avoid being a “yo-yo” prepper, and that is to adopt prepping as a way of life.

Let everything you do in life relate to prepping in some way.

One way to do this is to take up hobbies that could be related to prepping.


Coin collecting, easy way to collect silver coins and to learn which coins have the highest silver content.

Fitness, so you and your family maintain a certain level of physical fitness.

Economics, what better way to prepare for an economic collapse than to study trends?

Sewing, yes sewing. Learn how to make and fix your own clothes.

Gardening, learn how to raise your own food.

Cooking, whether on a stove or on a grill.

Daily Routine

Develop a daily routine where you stay informed and practice some kind of prepping skill.

Go to work, go home, cook dinner, watch the news and relax.

On the way to work analyze get home routes in a grid down situation. Are there any bridges or tunnels on the route?

At work, know the resources in the building, snack machines, water, and what types of businesses are nearby.

Visit news sites, read and stay informed.

Take time to practice your hobby.

On a personal note, I like to go hiking. The trips get me away from the house and I enjoy the peace and quiet. While hiking, I get to learn the lay of the land around the farm and where various natural resources are at.

Final Thoughts

When I was a child, my grand mother had chickens, a milk cow, turkeys, guineas, raised her own food and canned what she grew. However, there is a big difference between life then and now.

People used to call it living. Now we call it prepping.

Just as people generations ago knew their survival depended on what they could grow in the summer, we know our survival in the coming collapse will depend on our prepping skills.


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