Watch: You Don’t Need an Anvil!


Watch: You Don’t Need an Anvil!

This guy makes sense, and naturally, what he says flies in the face of what other folks say about anvils.

Like so many others, I have thought about forging red-hot steel. Pounding it on an anvil to force it to comply to my will! Making my own knives! Insert Tarzan yell here!

Are anvils nice to have? Surely. But this fellow says you can get away pretty well without one by getting and using an ASO, or “anvil-shaped object.”

Even those handy-looking little anvilettes made from railroad rail are on the lighter side of good — and they don’t even have a flat top.

So, head down to a scrap yard or machine shop and find a good hunk of heavy metal. He’ll tell you what to look for:

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